Amalfi Coast

Italy’s Amalfi Coast is an expression of divinity and the idyllic location for weddings in Amalfi Coast. Nestled among the steep mountains that plunge into the sparkling blue Mediterranean waters, Amalfi is a paradise on earth designed to host weddings in Amalfi Coast. Breathtaking landscapes, quaint fishing villages and the charming people welcome you with warmth and hospitality. Haunting memories of the past come alive in the charming churches, villas and tiny shops that are hewn out of the rocky mountain. Let romance transport you into the realms of unimaginable fantasy at weddings in Amalfi Coast.

Small Villages in Amalfi Coast

Nothing can rival the charm of quaint little Italian villages. Most of these small villages seem to belong to a bygone era and time seems to have stopped for most of them. Beautiful little stone houses clustered together with narrow winding lanes and gorgeous villas set among the sprawling vineyards[...]


What makes a wedding in Amalfi so special? The charming town in the province of Salerno brings Italian history and culture alive in its ancient architecture and the lifestyles of the local people. Sunny days and sunshine smiles will welcome you and provide the perfect backdrop for your wedding in Am[...]

Positano in Amalfi Coast

What can be more romantic than a wedding in Positano? Flight of winding stairs and narrow lanes carry you up to the charming town that leans back languidly against the rocky mountain. Colorful shops, bustling cafes and lively bars co-exist in harmony with ancient Roman ruins and the Cathedral of St.[...]

Ravello in Amalfi Coast

A wedding in Ravello is as good as being at the top of the world looking down on all of creation spread out at your feet. It is a glorious sensation to be astride the top of the Dragon’s Valley and Reginna’s Valley where you are closer to the heavens than you are to the earth. A wedding in Ravello t[...]