Puglia is not only sea, trulli, olives trees, borghi (hamlets) masserie (manor farm), but also a region of art and culture, nature, with its hidden treasure.
 Live an incredible wedding day or your honeymoon in the UNESCO World Heritage village of Alberobello, experiencing amazing Trulli and Puglian heritage foods, prepared and enjoyed directly in a real Trullo-house, unique to Puglia!


For the Italians, Salento is sun, sea and seriously good food, fished from nearby waters and produced in the fertile pastures that supply much of the fresh contents of the country's larders, and the increasingly admired local wines, Negroamaro, Primitivo di Manduria and Salice Salentino. What abo[...]

Discover Alberobello

AThis UNESCO’s World Heritage listed-town boasts over 1500 trulli, the distinctive whitewashed dwellings with conic slate roofs, white tipped as if dusted by snow, unique to Puglia. It’s a very fascinating town, praised as one the most enigmatic and unique places of the planet. The magic village [...]