Set in the Bay of Naples, the Isle of Capri is an enchanting haven of beauty and romance and one of the most spectacular locations for weddings in Italy. The awe-inspiring beauty of the mountainside coupled with the magnificent views offered by its terrain make the Isle a hot favourite among couple with wedding on their minds and have made Isle of Capri weddings famous around the world. Isle of Capri is a land that captured the hearts of Phoenicians, Greek and Romans. Isle of Capri weddings are popular amongst couples who want to follow in the imperial footsteps of the ancient rulers.

Wedding in Capri

The land favoured by Caesar Augustus and Tiberius, Isle of Capri is a hot destination for couples looking for exotic locations for their wedding ceremony. The Isle of Capri is sprinkled with ancient forts, towers, churches, villas and gardens connected to one another through a veritable maze of path[...]