Wedding Cakes


Nowadays in Italy is possible to organize traditional American-style wedding cakes or English style fruit cakes however if you decide to get married in Italy you have to arrange an Italian Wedding cake and accept the local tradition!
Traditional wedding cakes in Italy are either large one-layer cakes with different sizes and shapes: rectangular or round; or the so-called “torta a piani”, 3 to 5 or more cakes placed on different levels with the smallest one on the top. Sometimes decorated with fresh flowers or with creative and artistic decorations!

Usually Italian wedding cakes are sponge cake filled with chantilly cream (whipped cream flavoured with a touch of vanilla) and strawberries or chocolate.

Another typical Italian wedding cake is the fruit cake with the base being shortbread with pastry and cream all topped with fresh fruit!

It’s always useful to remember that the cutting of the wedding cake will take the centre stage and it is important that your wedding cake looks astonishing and tastes incredible!