Wedding Gifts

Wedding gifts from the guests to the wedding couple:

We offer a range of delightful ideas and suggestions to offer the couple a wedding gift with an Italian touch!

  • An Italian cooking class or a wine tasting tour;
  • A day of Beauty Spa for Bride and Groom;
  • Special Beauty treatment from Bride and Groom;
  • A candle-lit dinner for the couple during their stay in Italy;
  • A special set-up in the Wedding Room for the first night;
  • Arrange a post wedding breakfast with fresh fruit and champagne;
  • A special and original excursion;

Wedding gifts from the wedding couple to the guests:


Bombonnieres & Wedding Favors
It is an Italian tradition: 5 sugared almonds and each one is a symbol of Health, Happiness, Fertility, Long Life and Good Fortune, in an elegant white net attached to a gift selected by the Wedding couple for the guests to remember this special day.


This almond favor can be attached to many items offered, such as: Hand blown glass boxes or vases; crystal or silver or gold candy dishes; fabric boxes with tassel openings…

There are so many styles of bombonieres to choose from. We can provide a vast number of selections of original, traditional and local items. We work with any budget and colour selections.


For further details we are at disposal.