Wedding Reception & Rehearsal Dinners



There is a wide range of choices for wedding celebrations in Italy; from an intimate dinner for two to a fantastic reception for family and friends… in a an open air and sunny terrace overlooking an enchanting seascape, a rustic setting with a breathtaking mountains view in the background, a typical Italian vineyard, a rustic corner, a Medieval castle , a renaissance palatial interior with frescoes and paintings, a villa, a typical and rustic trattoria or an elegant rooftop restaurant….The possibilities are endless… it is important that you select the style which best suits you and your guests!


The variety and quality of the gourmet food available depends on where you go in Italy as every region, town, city and village has its own distinctive character.


The menus generally comprise of four courses or more. Traditionally starting with a cocktail and appetizer buffet with typical Prosecco champagne in beautiful surroundings and then a sit down dinner consisting of pasta or rice dishes as a first course and then one meat dish or/and one seafood dish as main course with side dishes… all ending with a dessert and the wedding cake.