Lake Como Bellagio


If you want a wedding venue that is filled with spectacular views of the Alps on the one side and the Lakes on the other, the town of Bellagio on the shores of Lake Como is the perfect destination for you.

Lake Como weddings

Imagine exchanging your wedding vows with the mountains and lakes as your witness! If you travel to Lake Como in Italy for your wedding, your wish will actually come true. Lake Como weddings are special because of the spectacular natural beauty of the location.
Set in a picturesque setting where Italy meets the Alps, this area is filled with little towns and villages that exude old world charm. But, with top notch hotels and restaurants, you are assured a pleasant and romantic experience.

Lake Como civil wedding venues

Bellagio is a picturesque little town in Italy where time seems to have stopped a few centuries ago.
Your Lake Como civil wedding ceremony will be held in a beautiful and intimate library. A really specatcular villa for the civil wedding is Villa Carlotta in Tremezzina. There is a terrace overlooking the lake, so blue sky, green mountains and blue water i semerging in a really romantic setting.

Get married in place that is considered heaven on earth!



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