Lake Orta San Giulio


Located at the tip of a peninsula of Lake Orta, Orta S. Giulio is perhaps one of the most romantic and visually stunning locations on Lake Orta for your civil wedding ceremony.

Orta S. Giulio civil wedding venues

Orta S. Giulio is a small, medieval town known for inspiring romance and intimacy.
You can arrive to your Orta S. Giulio civil wedding venue on a unique ride – a boat. The ceremony will take place in the elegant Villa Bossi, a beautiful 17th century villa facing the Lake of Orta, which is absolutely breath-taking in its beauty.

Catholic church weddings in Orta S. Giulio

Envisage a catholic wedding ceremony for you and your soon-to-be-spouse at a beautiful 17th century church which has the view of one of the most stunning lakes in Italy. If the idea appeals to you, you must head out to Orta S. Giulio which adjoins Lake Orta, although the little island is only for photos and not open to church wedding.

Wedding reception sites in Orta S. Giulio

Orta San Giulio is one of the most captivation locations for your wedding reception party. It is a small town set in old world Italy, where the air is laden with citrus fragrances and every corner is steeped in romance and charm. There are a few of palatial villas with overhanging gardens than can be made into the perfect venue as your wedding reception site in Orta S. Giulio. With the view afforded here, you can be sure that you will be proud of your reception party pictures.


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