Civil Wedding Ceremonies OR Legally Binding Civil Ceremonies in Italy

Civil Wedding Ceremonies in Italy can only be celebrated in a Town Hall or a property approved by the Italian government. The ceremony is performed in Italian by the Mayor or by a civil officer and translated into English by an interpreter.

Outdoor Civil Wedding Ceremonies can only be performed in certain Italian locations approved by the local authorities.

The ceremony usually last for approximately 20 to 30 minutes.

There is a fee to pay to the town halls for conducting a civil wedding which varies from one town hall to another and it also takes into consideration the couple’s nationality, the day of the week you are getting marries, the time of the ceremony etc.

In order for your Italian Wedding to be legally recognized in your home country, some paperwork will be required which varies based on your nationality and personal circumstances.

The wedding certificate issued to you after the ceremony is legally recognized internationally and it is issued in five languages.