Ravello in Amalfi Coast


A wedding in Ravello is as good as being at the top of the world looking down on all of creation spread out at your feet. It is a glorious sensation to be astride the top of the Dragon’s Valley and Reginna’s Valley where you are closer to the heavens than you are to the earth. A wedding in Ravello takes on much more significance when you consider that this is where Greta Garbo chose to elope to in the 1930’s.

Ravello civil wedding venues

If you are dreaming of a civil wedding in Ravello let yourself be carried away by the words of all the romantic poets and writers like Wagner and Longfellow who were inspired by the divine beauty of Ravello. A wedding in Ravello would be the experience of a lifetime.

Ravello Catholic church weddings

Can you imagine anything more romantic than a catholic wedding in Ravello? To walk up the aisle of a 10th century Cathedral that still echoes with the footsteps of Bishops past, coupled with the rustling of your white satin wedding gown, will make this the most memorable day of your life.

Ravello wedding reception sites

When you plan a reception for your wedding in Ravello, you can rest assured that it will be a dream come true. The finest wines and gourmet cuisine supported by impeccable service will ensure a smooth, elegant affair for the most special day in your life at your wedding in Ravello.