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Lake Garda Gardone Riviera

Get seeped in history, romance and the charming atmosphere of old world Italy for the very special occasion of your civil wedding ceremony. Gardone Riviera is the important vacation region for former noble austrian families, thats why it is full of victorian style villas. Gardone Riviera civil weddi[...]

Lake Garda Salò

Get transported in time to a rich medieval setting in the heart of the Lake District in Italy for your civil wedding ceremony in Salò. Salò, the capital of the Upper Garda area in the province of Brescia and one of the many villages on the shores of the ever romantic Lake Garda is preserved in time [...]

Lake Garda Malcesine

Lake Garda is entrenched in romance and makes a picture perfect venue for your civil wedding ceremony. Villas surrounded by gardens, fresh smelling citrus groves and the view of the Alpine mountains make a perfect setting for you to exchange your wedding vows in. If you want to hold your wedding rec[...]