Wedding in Rome


Rome, considered an eternal city, is the perfect place to commit eternal love to your life partner. Rome can provide the perfect setting and atmosphere for the most special occasion of your life. Home to one of the greatest ancient civilization, Rome is filled with architectural wonders. From the Colosseum to the Roman Forum and the Spanish Steps, there are a number of magnificent backdrops for weddings in Rome. Imagine a wedding in Rome in a charming church, or in the elegantly appointed Campidoglio which is the city’s main Registry Office. You could also rooftop terrace with a spectacular view of the city to serve as a fascinating backdrop for your wedding photos.


Rome civil weddings: Campidoglio & Caracalla

Part of the historic Seven Hills of Rome, Campidoglio was once the epicentre of the Roman Empire and the holiest of all its shrines. Since 12th century BC, it has become the epicentre of civic administration. The Civil Wedding Ceremonies can take place, either in the elegantly appointed Campidoglio, which is the city’s main Registry Office, or in the spectacular Roman Ruins of the Bath of Caracalla. Located in the historical heart of Rome, this wedding venue is an ex-convent surrounded by a beautiful park close to the spectacular Roman Ruins of the Bath of Caracalla. This venue provides you with a slightly less formal atmosphere and is ideal for couple who want an intimate and relaxed ceremony.


Religious weddings in Rome

The home to the Vatican, there is no dearth of vintage Roman Catholic churches in Rome to exchange your wedding vows in. But, for religious weddings there is also a veritable choice among Protestant churches, Orthodox churches and Jewish synagogues.


Symbolic weddings in Rome

As fascinating backdrop for the Symbolic weddings we can offer an intimate ceremony in a one of the countless secret gardens or in a rooftop terrace with a spectacular view of the city. Just outside Rome, in the rolling hills: lakes, castles and villas that can become the most perfect venue for your wedding ceremony.


Rome Wedding Packages